baby2mom egg donation agency

baby2mom egg donation agency

baby2mom Egg Donation Agency is a registered South African business.
Our egg donation agency was initiated in 2007 in an effort to address the plight of infertile persons to assist with egg donors and an affordable and efficient process. baby2mom has facilitated over thousands of egg donation treatments for people from all over the world and works with fertility clinics throughout South Africa. Established relationships are in place with top fertility clinics throughout South Africa.
An agency is not an egg donation bank in that donor eggs are immediately available. An egg donor program program involves the process of facilitating a real egg donor participating on a fresh egg donor cycle.

Please see what egg donors, surrogates, commissioning parents and colleagues have said about working with baby2mom on our testimonials page on the Heart of baby2mom.
This South African agency is run by Jenny Currie, who is personally involved in every egg donor program and is also the founder of baby2mom, which was one of the initial egg donation agencies in South Africa.
Egg donation recipients receive immediate online access to an extensive egg donor database of hundreds of egg donor profiles. This live egg donation database links to detailed information about the egg donors, with advanced search functionalities per egg donors' traits and/ or requirements, enabling recipients to find the perfect egg donor profile.
baby2mom has facilitated egg donation treatments for South Africans and people throughout the world, so ranks as one of the top egg donor websites and a specialist in third party reproduction. We ensure adherence to relevant legislation governing egg donation, thus enforcing anonymity of confidential egg donation.

baby2mom egg donation agency

Becoming an egg donor is about being part of a miracle at the very earliest stages of life. If you are between 18 and 34 years of age, have a healthy BMI, regular menstrual cycles and want to make a lifelong difference, you are at the right place. Smokers can be donors too.
To sum up, the process involves psychological screening (an appointment with a psychologist) and medical screening (blood tests and an internal scan). As two bodies are involved in making a baby, menstrual cycles of the donor and recipient will need to be synchronised. This is done with the use of the contraceptive pill and you will be guided on exact instructions around this. The actual program usually takes about two weeks, involving two or three scans at the clinic. During this time (two weeks), you will need to inject yourself into your tummy and shown carefully how to do this. This is much like a diabetic's injections. This is easy to administer and usually donors give feedback that they worried too much about the injections. The process ends on the day of ovulation when the eggs are retrieved vaginally, directly from your ovaries either under anaesthetic or sedation.

Very important for you to understand is that no more eggs are retrieved from you in the donation cycle than what you would ordinarily loose in a normal cycle. Complete anonymity and confidentiality guaranteed and no costs incurred. Your responsibility ends on the day of egg retrieval.

To proceed, kindly complete a once off online application form.

Want to know more first, understand the process in detail:
See how the injections are done below...

Egg donor injections

The injections/ treatment is to encourage the ripening of some of the eggs usually lost in a cycle. The specific scans over a two week period are required on specific days and part of the commitment is being available on specific days over the two week period. These scans are short visits and no hospitalisation is required.

Retrieval of Eggs
Once the egg donor ovulates, the eggs are ready to be extracted. This is a very simple procedure that requires a morning at the clinic. The actual egg retrieval process differs per clinic. Egg donors may be administered full anaesthetic to let them sleep or a mild anaesthetic when they are awake during the process. Please confirm this with the fertility clinic. The donors' eggs are retrieved via the vagina. This is not an operation – there are no incisions that are going to hurt afterwards or leave any scars. Worst side effect is slight bloatedness. Egg donors can go home within an hour or two of having the procedure done. Access to medical care is available after the donor eggs have been retrieved. Donors may not operate a vehicle on the day of retrieval, so will need someone to drive them home.
Remuneration in South Africa
Egg donors are not responsible for any of the costs that are attached to this procedure. The only responsibility is to get to the clinic, take the medication as instructed and arrive for the scheduled appointments.
They will receive a donation of R7000,00 on the day of egg retrieval. Please confirm the exact process and amount when you start at the fertility clinic. The donation may not be paid through the agency.
Please also confirm with the fertility clinic if a smaller donation is offered if no eggs are received or the cycle cancelled.

South African egg donation is completely anonymous and confidential. They are treated with absolute respect and their details kept entirely private. It does help if you can please send an adult pictures, this is just for our records to help recipients find a good match. Recipients only see childhood pictures and a public profile. Neither names nor identifying details will ever be disclosed. (Only the fertility clinic who facilitates the medical processes are naturally advised of the relevant details).
The egg retrieval process is not dangerous.
The medication does have slight side effects in that it makes you a little irritable, sometimes tearful. One can feel bloated almost as if you are about to have a period. Some donors seem to breeze through with very little side affects, others seem to feel it more. Drinking a lot of water helps to minimise any discomfort. The egg retrieval process may make egg donors feel a little bloated and uncomfortable for a few days, but as each day goes by it will get better and by the time your next menses arrive you should be back to normal again. This should happen 10 days to 2 weeks after you have had the eggs removed.
It is not harmful to your own fertility. The drugs do not have a lasting side effect nor do they do any damage to your ovaries. In fact nothing that is done will compromise your fertility, however you need to understand there are other underlying reasons for infertility; for example blocked tubes, poor sperm count. At this stage, only the ovaries and hormone levels are assessed.

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baby2mom egg donation agency

baby2mom egg donation agency

baby2mom egg donation agency

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Please save your profile on a regular basis to ensure you do not lose any information

baby2mom egg donation agency

We would love to hear from you. All enquiries are dealt with in absolute confidence.
To contact me directly please email: (preferred method of communication)
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baby2mom egg donation agency

We understand that the road to parenthood can be hard when dealing with infertility, regardless of the cause. We are here to help you on this part of your journey and will be by your side every step of the way as you become an egg donation recipient.
We have experience in over 1000 egg donation programmes and we understand that each individual is unique with personal fears, desires and questions about becoming an egg recipient.
Egg Donation Recipient Process
We aim to provide beneficiaries with information and support, and guide couples through the challenges as they follow this path. So let’s get started:
  • Selection of an Egg Donor – The first step is to find a donor with whom you feel a connection. To simplify this process, we have compiled a database of hundreds of donors with insight into their physical appearance, health and personalities. However, anonymity is one of our core values and we protect the identity of egg donation recipients and donors, so neither names nor adult photos are used. Contact baby2mom today to get FREE access to donor profiles
  • Reserve an Egg Donor – Once you have selected a donor that best matches your expectations, you need to reserve the donor. baby2mom has multiple egg recipients searching simultaneously for donors and, in order to ensure you secure the donor you want, we need to reserve that person. You will need to make a once of payment to secure your chosen donor.
  • Initiation of Medical Process – Once you have reserved your donor she will undergo medical and psychological assessments to ensure that she is ready to embark on the egg donation process with you. Once the fertility clinic has received confirmation that she is physically and mentally sound, they will contact you with all the information related to the treatment and you can begin your journey
We will be there every step of the way to provide information, support and guidance to all persons as egg recipients and prospective parents.
Review our TV interviews, which clearly explain the process for recipients and answer the frequently asked questions.
Egg Donation in South Africa
See more on the medical side of being a recipient below.
Egg donation recipient information


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